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Quick Stand

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The pocket size rear wheel stand for motorcycle sport bikes

by SJL Products

The Problem - Motorcycle manufacturer's have reduced the weight and improved ground clearance by removing the center stand from today's  sport bikes. These changes have improved the ride for sport bike riders but has made chain maintenance a more difficult chore. Not having a stand to support the rear wheel can turn chain lubrication into a long walk across the parking lot, pushing and oiling as you go. Not much of a problem if you are home in the garage with your full size swingarm stand but what do you do when you're out on the road away from home?


The Solution - Quick Stand is a portable motorcycle rear wheel support that's small enough to carry on your bike. It allows you to raise the rear wheel off the pavement so it can be rotated while you lube your chain, check tire condition or repair a leaking tire (plug type repair). It takes up the same amount of space as a pair of sunglasses and weighs only 6-1/2 ounces. In the words of one reviewer......"very trick"!


After parking your bike on a hard level surface remove Quick Stand from it's Cordura storage case and snap it together. Attach the velcro brake lock strap to the front brake lever to lock the front wheel.


Using the spring-loaded feature , attach it to the swingarm spool on the right hand side of the bike (your bike must be fitted with spools in order to use Quick Stand).


Standing on the same side of the bike, rock the bike from side to side with a slight lifting motion. Grabbing the foot pegs is a convenient way to do this. As you rock the bike, use your foot to nudge the lower end of Quick Stand towards the rear tire.


You'll find that your rear tire has been lifted clear of the pavement and is now supported in this position. The entire process takes less than 30 seconds to complete. You now have two free hands to rotate the rear wheel and apply chain lube, check tire condition, plug a flat tire, add air or even clean the wheel. When you're done using Quick Stand, unsnap the tube sections and put in back into it's Cordura case. It's small enough to be easily stored under under your motorcycle's seat or in the tail section.

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